Flashback – The Album That Got Away


The Latchkey Child was released in 1996

I recently discovered an old song that I loved as a child. I was twelve years old when I heard All I See by A+ for the first time on the Box in 1996. I remember the first Saturday after I had heard it, I went window shopping with my sister in East Street Market and Walworth road – these were some of the main spots back then for a lot of us kids that were living in the South East London area. I simply couldn’t get the song out of my mind, constantly drifting into a daydream every time my sister would talk to me. The song gave me butterflies and got me all giddy and dreamy, I really felt like he was was rapping to me lol. I used to die for the line were he said:

“I’m glad I made my move, I’m glad I stepped to you. Nuff respect due, my crew accepted you”

Things were very different back then, there was no internet, so information on relatively unknown Hip Hop and R&B artists was almost impossible to obtain here in the UK. I basically knew nothing about him, except that he sang that beautiful song and he looked about my age – maybe a little older. I kept a look out for an album,but I never heard anything about him after that song, however I always wondered about him. Turns out that there actually was an album released in 1996 called The latchkey child. I also found a recent interview he did with hiphopwired.com It seems like a lot has happened in his life, I wish him the best.

I just bought a copy of the Latchkey Child from Amazon.co.uk. Sixteen years late, but

better late than never.


Theatre trip – Belong by Bola Agbaje

I went to the new Theatre Local in Peckham  a few days ago to watch Bola Agbaje’s new play Belong. I was invited by my childhood friend Diana who works as part of the theatre team and is also an aspiring playwright. I won’t lie, I had reservations at first about seeing a play in Peckham. Mainly because I have not had the most positive things to say about my childhood home in recent years, and – since when was there a theatre in Peckham?  Well I’m pleased to say that I really enjoyed it, the cast was fantastic and they kept us laughing. It questioned the identity of British Nigerians, something that has been debatable for many generations now, and that really hit home with me.

It will be showing until the 23rd June, make sure to see it if you can.

Domestic me


I got into baking last year and I’m really enjoying it. I made quite a few mistakes in the beginning resulting in wasted ingredients, but I think I got the hang of it in the end.I have been most proud of my chocolate cake which my family love and has been very slightly customised to my own taste. I found the recipe for the cake on videojug, but I added 200g of flour rather than 170 and 1 tsp of milk rather than 2. Another major thing I changed was the topping which in the original recipe calls for plain chocolate to be melted to make some kind of chocolate sauce. I tried that once and regretted it as I found it to be a little sour. Instead I now cover the cake with the most delicious buttercream frosting ever, I also found this recipe on videojug. I will be definitely posting more on my baking soon.

Hello world!

Hello World (Friends)

I just wanted to start a this blog to share a little about myself and my family with the anyone’s who’s interested I’m not a singer, actress, celebrity or anything else like that but I’m still a person lol. I am an aspiring writer and publicist and soon to be trainee teacher in adult education.