Flashback – The Album That Got Away

The Latchkey Child was released in 1996

I recently discovered an old song that I loved as a child. I was twelve years old when I heard All I See by A+ for the first time on the Box in 1996. I remember the first Saturday after I had heard it, I went window shopping with my sister in East Street Market and Walworth road – these were some of the main spots back then for a lot of us kids that were living in the South East London area. I simply couldn’t get the song out of my mind, constantly drifting into a daydream every time my sister would talk to me. The song gave me butterflies and got me all giddy and dreamy, I really felt like he was was rapping to me lol. I used to die for the line were he said:

“I’m glad I made my move, I’m glad I stepped to you. Nuff respect due, my crew accepted you”

Things were very different back then, there was no internet, so information on relatively unknown Hip Hop and R&B artists was almost impossible to obtain here in the UK. I basically knew nothing about him, except that he sang that beautiful song and he looked about my age – maybe a little older. I kept a look out for an album,but I never heard anything about him after that song, however I always wondered about him. Turns out that there actually was an album released in 1996 called The latchkey child. I also found a recent interview he did with hiphopwired.com It seems like a lot has happened in his life, I wish him the best.

I just bought a copy of the Latchkey Child from Amazon.co.uk. Sixteen years late, but

better late than never.


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